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Court & Field Dimensions & Measurements

Basketball Court Dimensions

From high school to college to the pros.

Football Field Dimensions

Measurements from the gridiron.

Baseball Field Dimensions

Dimensions from first base to home plate.

Volleyball Court Dimensions

How high is the net support to be... and more.

Soccer Field Dimensions

Soccer fields vary in size, but do the goals?

Tennis Court Dimensions

How big are tennis courts?

Badminton Court Dimensions

A popular sport all over the world.

Softball Field Dimensions

The fields are quite a bit smaller than baseball.

Bowling Lane Dimensions

Are you curious about how far the pins are?

Court and field dimensions for all types of sports.

Whether you’re mapping out practice drills, preparing for the big game, or just a sports fan looking for information on rules and regulations – we’re here to help.  We are happy to provide measurements and layouts of sports playing areas – from the basketball court to the gridiron to the bowling lane!

Get details for sports like football, softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, tennis, baseball and more. No more guessing on boundary lines or goal sizes. We have diagrams and dimensions for high school, college, professional, and international levels for most sports.

Looking for the precise measurements of the basketball lane or badminton net? Need to know the distance between bases on a baseball field? Want to map out the full soccer field lines from penalty areas to corners? Our field guides break it all down in easy-to-reference formats with visuals. makes comparing different sports a breeze too. See at a glance how court and field sizes differ between basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis. Quickly visualize the scale difference between a high school basketball court and one the pros play on.

Whether for coaching strategy, recreational play, or just understanding the nuances of your favorite sports – check out’s  diagrams and measurement data.